9/17/17 - "You Asked For It"   



9/24/17 -"You Asked For It" 



8/13/17 - Part 1 - "Detox"   

Detox Part 1 – In this season of change, as we prepare for the new opportunities God has for us, it is a good time to detoxify – as applied to our spirits: to eliminate damaging behaviors, actions and thoughts that burden us. Pastor Steve leads an examination of our triune nature e.g. body, soul and spirit and illuminates God’s intention for us. This part deals with our spirit. LISTEN HERE


8/20/17 - Part 2 - "Detox"   

Detox Part 2 - focusing on renewal of our complete beings during this season of preparation Pastor Steve takes us through a study of how to work with God to change our lives to achieve that for which we were created us. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 is the focus - the whole spirit, soul and body need attention to achieve balance. Give a listen. LISTEN HERE


7/16/17 - Part 1 - "At the Movies"   

At The Movies part 1 – This series examines the themes of popular movies in theaters at this time. This week: Wonder Woman. Pastor Steve draws parallels between the theatrical story and the life on Deborah, a judge of the Israelites as revealed in the book of Judges, chapter 4:3. Through battle that appears unwinnable God delivers those who rely upon Him. LISTEN HERE

7/23/17 - Part 2 - "At the Movies"   

At The Movies, Part 2 – guest speaker Akintunde Sogunro (Aki) discusses the latest Transformer movies wherein the protagonist saves the day by making a way where this was no way. Aki reminds us all that our God can make a way when all hope is lost. He did it for the Hebrew nation; He can do it for us. Give a listen. LISTEN HERE

7/30/17 - Special Guest Speaker - Duche Bradley  

Chosen and Rejected - Duche Bradley dropped by Cedar Mountain Church and related us his life's journey to teach us about our journeys. We don't rely upon God because our dreams aren't big enough. Dream big, outside our comfort zones, so there is more room for God to work in our lives. In our weakness (need) His strength is made perfect. Give Duche a listen...

8/6/17 - Part 4 - "At the Movies" 

At The Movies, Part 4: Cars 3. Like other “children movies” Cars 3 has interesting lessons for adults as we often ask the same questions as the movie’s protagonist. When the world moves on, leaving us behind, what remains of our purpose? What happens when we become “obsolete”, replaced by young talent or automation? Is there something more in life? Our guest lecturer, Brad Causey, takes us through an examination of this movie to reveals the nature of relationships: with God and with each other. Give a listen.

Seeing the crowds, he went up to the mountain, and when he sat down, his disciples came to him. And he opened his mouth and taught them... Matthew 5:1-2

5/21/17 - Part 1 - "The Blessed Life" - Worship Guide  

Jesus Unplugged Part 1 – this series is a six-part examination of the Sermon on the Mount. Pastor Steve discusses some of the most beautiful words that Jesus spoke. Starting at the beginning this message examines the intimate setting of this teaching, as Jesus poured everything they needed for their coming ministries. Give a listen to this examination of the Beatitudes…  LISTEN HERE

5/28/17 - Part 2 - "Salt and Light" - Worship Guide

Jesus Unplugged, Part 2 continues the examination of the Sermon on the Mount. Beginning Matthew 5, verse 13. Christ believers are supposed to be salt and light. What is that all about? Out of character flows function; flows influence: Pastor Steve explains these very important words from Jesus that describe the function of Christ’s disciples... LISTEN HERE

6/11/17 - Part 3 

Jesus Unplugged, Part 3 this week continues the examination of the Sermon on the Mount. Starting in Matthew 6:19 the discussion turns toward what is valuable and was is not. We ought lay up valuable treasures where they are incorruptible; not in earthy pursuits. Pastor Steve examines what our real treasure is and encourages all to follow Jesus’ admonition to focus ourselves accordingly… LISTEN HERE

6/18/17 - Part 4 

Jesus Unplugged, Part 4 this week is an examination of Jesus’ teaching on overcoming worry, a topic as relevant today as long ago. Matthew 6:25 instructs we need not worry about our lives if/when we store our real treasure in heaven. Pastor Steve leads the congregation through a continuing study of the Sermon on the Mount. LISTEN HERE

6/25/17 - Part 5 

Jesus Unplugged Part 5 – one of the most misunderstood teaching that Jesus left us has to do with judgment. Should the Christian never judge… anything? Matthew 7:1 begins thus: Do not judge or you too will be judged. Pastor Steve puts this week’s passages into context – we all must assess right from wrong but we’re not supposed to condemn or be critical of another. Try mercy instead… Give a listen.   LISTEN HERE

7/09/17 - Part 6 

Jesus Unplugged Part 6 –Concluding this series is an examination of the true anchor for our souls, the one to whom we ought to cling when facing the storms of life. In Matthew 7:24 Jesus likens the one who “hears and does” what he taught (i.e. the Beatitudes) to a wise woman/man. Pastor Steve leads the congregation through this study – Jesus is the only foundation strong enough to build your life upon.  LISTEN HERE